​About Us

Schiller now as an international coffee- producing roasting company, started roasting coffee 27 years ago by Lake Chiemsee in the Germany Bavarian Region. Schiller name is taken from the German philosopher Friedrich von Schiller. Because business of coffee roasting is not only an art but a passion and has it own philosophy. Just like von Schiller our Company philosophy is be in harmony with nature within love and respect. 
Today still continues to produce their pruduct with high oxygen and clean air at the bottom of the German Alps, near the lake Chiemsee.
Special green coffee beans which are carefully selected in Germany are presented to coffee lovers by going through production processes in harmony with nature with the same care love and respect.

Schiller also incorporate the "RENEKA International" coffee machine production facility into its structure in 2014 which was established in the Alsace region of France in 1919. Schiller added to its coffee-related experience as well as coffee machine production and technique.
Schiller exports to 56 countries today.
Schiller Turkiye has been operating for 9 years in relation to Germany with the same determination and dedication. As in Germany, Schiller is a consumer-friendly coffee production and marketing company in Turkey that does not compromise quality processes in the area of coffee, World coffee, Espresso and Filter coffee.
Business areas include coffee supply for professional and home users, cafe chain management, www.schillerstore.com online sales services, coffee machines sales, after-sales support and technical services for HORECA (EDT) professionals and home users.