Private Label

We know for the products of the brand. The company knows that you are one with your character, you are not used to getting to know you. Dedicated work with experts for the results you expect. Your production facilities in Turkey and at our production facility in the production facility.

Private label ( ) is designed in a way suitable for you to benefit from the production of your product model. We develop it literally and in our ISO certified facilities for household items, desserts and derivative sizes. All you have to do is ask. The size is just reaching the transportation.

A perfect combination of design, function and quality. From the special ingredients of the brand's coffees and teas to the packaging design provided by our experts. From size any shape, to box, carton, stand prescription and shape.

You can count on him for product development. All production is preferred as artisan. During the production process, all mass productions are controlled by TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

QUALITY with Sales and After Sales Support, Special Formulation Products, Wide Product Range and Expert Authorities

We develop German quality and standards for sizing suitable products.

Our End-to-End Service

1-) Bean Coffee              (kg manual is available)
2-) Filter Coffee              (kg manual is available)
3-) Local Coffees            (kg manual is available)
4-) Drip Coffee. 
5-) Bio Capsule - Aluminum Capsule
6-) Imported Herbal Teas
7-) Disposable Imported Teas